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What We Keep

Colorado Book Award Winner Rise: An Anthology of Change 
includes Ms. Kallai’s Memoir, What We Keep.

“If Rachel’s life taught me anything, it is that the human spirit is more powerful than circumstance. I’ve also learned that grief is forever. It doesn’t fade, and we don’t get over it—it becomes a part of who we are. Pain reminds us of the beautiful people we’ve lost and lets us keep them alive in our memories, our hearts, and our actions. Sometimes if we’re lucky, we become the parts of them that we valued most, allowing them to live on while we grow into more complex humans. Because of Rachel, I am bold, I make friends without judgments, and I know how to laugh at myself.”

Melanie Kallai


Melanie Kallai grew up in Tampa Bay area in an eccentric little town called Gibsonton. She published her first book, Eternity Rising, in 2010, while pursuing her B.A. in Evolutionary Biology and Ecology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Before that, Melanie spent fifteen years teaching dance to children and performing every chance she got. Her books, Afternoon Tea and Ballet Class, were inspired by her youngest dancers and illustrated by a former student turned talented artist. Her most current work, a non-fiction memoir titled, What We Keep, was published in the 2020 Colorado Book Award winning anthology, Rise: An Anthology of Change. Melanie is a member of the Northern Colorado Writers, Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers. She lives in Colorado with her husband, son, and capricious dog, and she travels as often as possible.

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After committing a government theft of an alien substance that is being fashioned into indestructible weapons, Colonel Samuel Ganesh must unlock the secrets of the material that threatens extinction of the entire human race. He enlists reclusive scientist, Dr. Lee Tripple and sexy Special Unit spy, Maeve Daire, who has a secret of her own. But, while discovering how to kill the alien material, Lee discovers something else—something that could change the whole of mankind.

Children’s Books

Afternoon Tea

Afternoon Tea

Take a peek at an elegant afternoon tea through a child’s eyes. This story is a sprinkle of etiquette, a spoonful of whimsy and teacup of fun!

Ballet Class

Ballet Class

Ballet class is the best, but there is a lot to remember. Join the fun and experience a dance class with a group of enthusiastic young dancers.

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